Automobile/Transportation Accidents

America is truly a nation on the move. An incredible variety of vehicles criss cross our nation's roads, railways and airspace on a daily basis: trucks, vans, buses, cars, SUV's, pickups, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, recreational vehicles, freight and passenger trains, and private and commercial aircraft. Unfortunately, all of this movement can sometimes lead to serious injuries for even the most cautious of drivers, passengers and pedestrians. At the Scanlan Law group, we have been helping the victims of transportation injuries to recover damages for more than 25 years, and we know what it takes to bring a transportation case to a successful conclusion.

Types of transportation-related accidents and injuries:

The Scanlan Law Group is the right choice

Transportation-related injuries typically generate complex and expensive litigation, requiring extensive expert testimony, time-consuming discovery of defendants' paper records and electronic data, and sophisticated navigation of the maze of federal, state and local transportation laws and regulations that often control the result in a major transportation case.

Accordingly, when an automobile manufacturer, airline or railroad company hurts you or your family, you need sophisticated, experienced and aggressive counsel to represent you. We have handled dozens of major transportation cases in courts throughout the U.S., and our extensive experience in these cases gives us an edge over law firms that don't have a focus in this area. For example, in trucking accident cases, many trucking companies outfit their trucks with global positioning satellite (GPS) receivers that allow them to track their drivers' speed in great detail. As a result of our extensive experience in these cases, we have learned how to obtain this data, interpret it, and use it with maximum effect against defendants in crash cases when they attempt to argue that their drivers were not exceeding the speed limit at the time of the accident.

Our experience has also brought us into contact with some of the nation's leading transportation experts-truck industry, vehicle design, and computer data experts. These experts regularly assist us and our clients (both in a consulting and testifying capacity) on a wide range of highly technical issues: "black box" data analysis; air bag inflation cases; vehicle design and safety issues; and cases turning on the feasibility of vehicle alarms and other warning devices. The assistance of these experts is almost always crucial to the success of a transportation case, so our extensive network of connections with the country's top experts will serve you well in your transportation case.

In short, if it moves and causes harm, we know how to deal with it.